DARPA Proposals: Route/Review/Submission Checklist

Last updated: April 6, 2021

Department of Defense Disclosure Guidance - February 2021

Proposals for where the anticipated award vehicle is a Grant must be submitted via Grants.Gov either by the Coeus Proposal System to System interface with Grants.Gov or directly into Grants.Gov.

Paper copies are submitted in accordance with the instructions the PI receives from the Cognizant ONR Program Manager. Paper Copies are only applicable for proposals where a Contract, Cooperative Agreement, or Other Transaction Agreement is the anticipated award vehicle.

To ensure proper submission of the proposal the individual preparing the proposal for the submitting DLC must read BAA instructions.

Proposals not meeting the format described in the BAA may not be reviewed by DARPA.

Links To DARPA Solicitations are listed below:

Proposals sent in response to DARPA Announcements should be submitted through T-FIMS. Proposals may not be submitted by fax or e-mail; any sent using these methods will be disregarded. See https://www.tfims.darpa.mil/baa/ for more information on how to request an account, upload proposals, and use the T-FIMS tool. Because proposers using T-FIMS may encounter heavy traffic on the web server and T-FIMS requires a registration and certificate installation for all proposers, proposers should not wait until the day the proposal is due to create an account in T-FIMS and submit the proposal. All proposers using T-FIMS must also encrypt the proposal, as per the instructions below.

All proposals submitted electronically to T-FIMS must be encrypted using WinZip or PKZip with 256-bit AES encryption. Only one zipped/encrypted file will be accepted per proposal and proposals not zipped/encrypted will be rejected by DARPA. An encryption password form must be completed and emailed to DARPA (refer to the BAA for this email address) at the time of proposal submission. See the encryption password form.

Download DARPA Checklist PDF (February 2016)