Agencies Enforcing Penalties on Late Report Submissions

As result of the GONE Act, federal agencies are focusing on compliance issues, especially late submissions of reports. Below is a list of implications regarding late report submissions that RAS has been hearing from the federal agencies:  

  • Submission of late reports can lead to serious repercussions for a PI’s funding and for other MIT PIs awaiting funding from federal agencies.  
  • Awards received by MIT that include Termination language. The agencies are reserving the right to terminate active awards and sweep back unexpended or future funding on these awards.
  • FAPIIS (The Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System) is the database the Government uses to report on performance and to support future award decisions. They will capture poor performance, the failure to perform (this includes not submitting reports when they are due), and the termination of an award. These become the basis for the non-selection of future awards to MIT, not just future funding opportunities to which a specific PI would be interested in applying.
  • Untimely reporting impacts the federal agencies’ ability to obtain future funding from Congressional allotments. The agencies have an obligation to prove that the research they are funding is producing results. These reports allow the agencies to justify funding requests from Congress, and Congress has a responsibility to the taxpayers to show how their dollars are being spent.

Please make sure to review your awards for their reporting requirements. 

Feel free to contact Mike Corcoran, Assistant Director in RAS should you have any questions. He can be reached at or 617-253-3906