KC Outage October 27, 9-11 pm and New Proposal Types

Beginning at 9pm this evening, Friday, Oct 27, 2023, the Kuali Coeus (KC) system will be offline as we will be performing some data cleanup by incorporating a new proposal type labeled “Deactivated-Do Not Use.” This work is expected to take 2 hours to complete, and no action is needed on your part.

The “Deactivated-Do Not Use” proposal type will be applied to older development proposals in the system (from CY2009 through CY2021) with the following statuses:

  • In Progress
  • Revisions Requested
  • Approval Pending
  • Cancelled

Proposals marked as “Deactivated-Do Not Use” will effectively be archived. This proposal type will not allow one to route the proposal in KC, or require other proposal information, such as certification. However, these proposals will still be searchable in KC and, if needed, aggregators of these older proposals do have the option to change the proposal type from “Deactivated-Do Not Use” back to the original proposal type (such as “New”), with original proposal information and requirements restored.

Cleaning up these older development proposals is an important step as we prepare to implement new functionality to support the under-recovery pilot in the Research@MIT app. Hiding these older proposals from Research@MIT will help us display only the most relevant development proposal information for under-recovery reviews and requests. (Note, under-recovery functionality in Research@MIT is not yet available, but will be enabled for a pilot group of users in early November.)

If you have any questions about this new proposal type in KC or the updating of older proposal information with this new proposal type, please contact us at ra-help@mit.edu, or attend one of our upcoming Community Drop In Sessions, held every Monday (except Institute holidays) at 1pm.