New Subawards Forms Available

The RAS Subaward team introduced the new Subrecipient Letter of Intent/Commitment form during the April RAP Session. The form follows generally accepted research administration practices and can be used for outgoing and incoming subawards. This form will aid in review at proposal time and minimize administrative burden at both proposal and award time.


For proposals where MIT anticipates issuing subawards, this form will both collect important information and provide the required authorized institutional approval. FDP members may have their own version which is also acceptable.

Two questions of specific importance:

  • Entity has previously received a subaward from MIT Y/N – if No, entity will also need to complete the new Subrecipient Profile Questionnaire and you will need to request them to be added to KC.
  • Subrecipient entity is also asked to include both their F&A rate and F&A Rate Agreement or URL (if not in FDP Clearinghouse).  At proposal time, the DLCI must confirm that the rate being used is allowable and, if not, that the 10% MTDC de minimis rate will be used.


For proposals where MIT expects to receive a subaward, this form serves as the MIT letter of commitment. This MIT version can be used in place of another institution’s version.

Access and questions

You can now access both questionnaires and other useful forms on the RAS website Forms tab.

Should you have any questions or wish to have a RAS Subaward representative meet with you or your team for further guidance and to answer questions, please reach out to