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RA-Hub: Learning in a Social Distancing Environment

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the MIT research administration community is engaged in teleworking to meet social-distancing requirements to protect all members of the Institute and public at large. While the VPR RA Support Team cannot offer in person training during this time, we will be delivering Kuali Coeus training, RAP (Research Administration Practices) and virtual drop-in sessions in an asynchronous, distance learning environment.

To deliver these offerings, the RA Support Team will utilize a blend of Enterprise-wide systems that the Institute provides to meet communication and collaboration needs. It is our hope to connect with you and provide the support that you need during this challenging time.

RA Support: If you need assistance, have any training suggestions, requests for specific topics, or would like to make arrangements for one on one support, please contact us at .

Virtual Drop-in: Join in a weekly Zoom meeting with RA Support. You or the RA Support team member may screen share, talk through questions and explore solutions. Check the list of Drop-In RA Support Sessions for Zoom event details.

KC Classes: We will contact those who registered for KC Proposal Basics and KC Budget Development training with information on distance learning offerings. The RA Support instructor will provide access to learning materials and will conduct the streamlined learning through a Zoom virtual webinar.

RAP Sessions: These targeted learning sessions will continue through Zoom virtual webinars. Upcoming sessions will be announced via the Research Admin listserv and registration will be available through the Atlas Learning Center.

MIT Enterprise Collaboration and Communication Tools

RA-Hub learning will leverage a blend of the following resources to connect with our community of users.


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Zoom enables video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. Zoom allows screen sharing to show presentations, applications, or other web sites. Access to Zoom is available via and MIT community members can access the service by authenticating through Touchstone.

Learn more at the Zoom Landing Page in the IS&T Knowledge Base.


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Slack is a widely-used platform across MIT and in many corporations. It is a messaging and collaboration tool for teams, groups and individuals that will allow RA Support to distribute course materials and resources electronically and build community among those who are attending virtual webinars. All MIT users can join the MIT workspace at, where you can learn about getting started with MIT’s Slack Enterprise Grid and learn more on the Knowledge Base.

 Atlas Learning Center

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MIT’s Atlas Learning Center provides access to course registration as well as online, e-Learning modules. The RA Support team has published content developed by NCURA (National Council of University Research Administrators), including Learning Bundles of NCURA Virtual Workshops and Webinars. We will continue to expand these offering and publish research MIT administration centric e-Learning. Access the Atlas Learning Center.