Research Administration Practices (RAP)

Targeted, skills-based educational offerings in a class/workshop style that includes participation from departmental administrators, RAS, VPF and VPR as subject matter experts.

Upcoming Events

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RAP Sessions on Atlas

Select RAP sessions are available as Atlas courses. 

  • We welcome all research administrators to join us for the Research Administration Practices (RAP) session on "NIH Proposal Resources and Updates". Come meet with your peers and colleagues in research administration as we discuss available resources and new updates coming from the Agency. View course on Atlas

  • The RAS Liaisons for NSF offer important information on recent or planned changes to the Foundation’s Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), including proposal submission methods, forms, and required disclosures. Resources from NSF and RAS are provided as well as best practices and tips. View course on Atlas or view slides

  • Vacation is an employee benefit for eligible employees at MIT. Whether you are creating a budget for proposal submission or managing and tracking post-award expenses, it is essential to understand the vacation cycle process and relevant policy. View course on Atlas or view slides

  • The PI is ultimately responsible for all aspects of sponsored research, including proposal submission, compliance with Institute and federal policies, monitoring spending and subrecipients, and technical and progress reporting.

    Research Administrators support PIs in successfully meeting sponsored project requirements and effective communication is essential. This RAP session offered on March 24, 2021 covers tips and tricks for how to effectively communicate information in the research administration environment:

    • Best communication method
    • Tailoring emails for the right audience
    • Communicating potential issues or challenges with proposals and/or awards
    • Scheduling and conducting Zoom meetings as needed to get the best results.

    View course on Atlas or view slides

Recordings of Past RAP Sessions

Please note that some videos will require you to login via Touchstone to Panopto. Zoom videos will ask you to login via SSO, using the mit domain name.

SAP Navigation and Sponsored Programs [PDF] [Video] – June 22, 2022

Workspace Proposal Demos  [PDF] [Video April 27, 2022

NIH Updates: Biosketch and Other Support  [PDF] [Video March 31, 2022

NSF Demo and Tips [PDF] [Video] February 16, 2022

NIH Updates: Biosketch and Other Support [PDF] [video] – January 19, 2022

Workspace Proposal Demo (Subforms) [PDF] [Video] – December 16, 2021

Reading a Solicitation [PDF] [Video] – November 16, 2021 

Understanding the Notice of Award (NOA) [PDF] [Video] – October 13, 2021

NSF Proposal Resources and Updates [PDF] [Video] – September 22, 2021

Workspace and [PDF] [Video] – September 14, 2021

SciENcv Document Creation and Management [PDF] [Video] – May 21, 2021

Foundations and Non Profit Sponsors [PDF] [Video] – April 27, 2021

Workspace and [PDF] [Video] – February 23, 2021

Cost Sharing: Post-Award Management [PDF] [Video] – February 10, 2021

Workspace and [PDF] [Video] – November 04, 2020

The Subaward Process [PDF] [Video] – October 27, 2020

DOE Sponsored Programs [PDF] [Video] – October 14, 2020

NSF Personnel Forms [PDF] [Video] — September 15, 2020

Financial Closeout of Sponsored Projects [PDF] [Video] — June 24, 2020

Workspace and [PDF] [Video] — June 16, 2020

NSF Proposal Resources and Updates [PDF] [Video] — June 2, 2020

NIH Proposal Resources and Updates [PDF] [Video] — May 15, 2020

SAP Navigation for Research Programs [PDF] [Video] — April 29, 2020

Capital & Fabricated Equipment at Award [PDF] [Video] — April 15, 2020

MIT User Accounts & Kerberos IDs  [PDF] [Video] — April 2020