Notice of Award

Definition: Formal notification from the sponsor that an award is offered in response to an application submitted by MIT/RAS.

What do I need to know about an Award document?

  • Read the Award document thoroughly and carefully to assure that the terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, the budget are acceptable to MIT.
  • The Award document contains information about future years of committed funding by the sponsor, if any, and special budget or programmatic restrictions placed on the award by the sponsor. 

Sponsor Award documents may take various forms:

  • Electronic notification – Increasingly, federal agencies use electronic communications to notify RAS of new grant awards. The National Science Foundation and the NIH are two examples.
  • Paper notification – RAS receives hard-copy communication from sponsors, such as foundations offering the new award.
  • Electronic or paper notification to an individual or office other than RAS, such as the PI/DLCI/Dean, VP-Research – Forward the electronic or paper notification to your RAS administrator if you receive sponsor notification of an award.

When are DLCI Signatures Required on RAS Notice of Award (Generated by Coeus/Kuali)?

See this page: Negative Confirmation On Award Notices