I just got a new account (WBS) but the Fund Center is incorrect or is blank and I can’t spend? What happened?

SAP did not know which Fund Center to use. Please ask your RAS Representative to add the appropriate Fund Center to the account.

When new accounts are set up, SAP compares the Supervisor and Profit Center information with other existing accounts. If a PI has one or more accounts in a Profit Center, but only has one Fund Center for those accounts, then that Fund Center will be added by SAP.

However, in cases where a PI has more than one Fund Center for a given Profit Center, one will need to be chosen. Spending may be problematic if the wrong fund center is chosen. Similarly, if there are no prior accounts for a PI in a Profit Center, then SAP will leave the Fund Center blank. Spending will be problematic or not authorized by SAP until this is corrected.

In either of these cases, ask your RAS Representative to revise the Fund Center to ensure that the appropriate people in your DLCI are authorized to spend. For additional information on Fund Centers and how they are assigned see the Roles Database or Roles and Authorizations on AdminConnect.