Why don't my Kuali Coeus Obligated Total and SAP Authorized Total match?

The Authorized Total in SAP most closely aligns with the Obligated Distributable Total in KC. When these two amounts differ, there are several common potential causes:

  • Recent updates to totals on an award may not yet have fed from KC to SAP. 
    • The feed is run between 3 and 4 pm each day. If the update was after the daily feed, it will not be reflected in SAP until the following afternoon.
  • If the award/account is part of a structure, having a child award in Hold status in KC (and thus not yet in SAP) will cause the SAP authorized total of the account parent(s) not to match the KC Obligated Distributable totals.
    • This will self-correct in time once the child award taken out of Hold status and feeds to SAP
  • If it is a newly set up award that had cost sharing included in the proposal, the KC Obligated Distributable may not match the SAP Authorized total.
    • Updates in KC with an Award-phase cost sharing template and, if needed, set up of a Cost Sharing Child account should resolve the discrepancy

What should I do if it doesn’t seem to be one of these scenarios causing the problem with the totals?

  • Reach out to your RAS Contract Administrator, or, if you prefer, open an OST ticket. We will work together in RAS to identify the problem.