New Consortium Agreements

Please visit the Office of Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer [website] for the most recent contract information.

When a research project is proposed to be funded by multiple sponsors, whether all are industrial organizations or a mix of industrial and not-for-profit (foundation and/or government) organizations, a new research consortium agreement will need to be drafted, unless the research will be conducted under an existing MIT research consortium. For a new multi-sponsor program, as soon as the PI or DLCI administrator notifies RAS of the intent to create the new multi-sponsor program, the Contract Administrator should engage a Contract Specialist to meet with the PI and DLCI administrator to identify the plans and needs for the collaboration and the timeline available to draft and negotiate the consortium or other suitable project-specific agreement. The Contract Specialist can then coordinate the drafting process with the proposal-preparation process to reduce the overall time needed to negotiate a final agreement. New consortia will require a prospectus (benefits, cost per member, structure of consortium, etc.) to be approved via the proposal review process.