What should I do if I think export controls may apply to a research project?

Do everything you can to make sure that the work research performed at MIT falls within the parameters of the following exclusions:

Fundamental Research Exclusion: Both ITAR and EAR include language that excludes the results of “fundamental research” from export requirements for export licenses or other government approvals. The exclusion applies for basic and applied research in science and engineering performed by universities so long as that research is carried out openly and without restrictions on publication, foreign national access, and dissemination.

Educational Information Exclusion: Authorizes the disclosure, without a license, of educational information released by instruction in catalog courses and associated teaching laboratories of academic institutions. This information includes general scientific, mathematical, or engineering principles commonly taught in universities.

Publicly Available Information Exclusion: Applies if the information is in the public domain, i.e., if it is publicly available technology and software that is generally accessible to the public through unlimited and unrestricted distribution. Special rules apply to encryption software even if “open source” or publicly available software is being developed.

If you are unsure if your activity falls under one of these exclusions or if you have any questions, please contact Janet Johnston, Export Control Officer, Research Administration Services, at 253-2762 or via e-mail at jcjohnst@mit.edu, or stop by NE18-901.

More information about what is affected by Export Control