Annotated Budget Justification - Non-Federal Non-Research

These notes apply to the relevant blue numbered sections in the document below.

  1. Okay to use alternate formats which include the role and effort committed.
  2. If no faculty effort is listed in the project budget, RAS recommends including the statement: MIT fully supports the academic year salary of Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors, but makes no specific commitment of academic year time or salary to this particular research project. 
  3. Note that Vacation Accrual is not included in non-research projects.
  4. Include if no basis of estimate is provided.
  5. Use fund fee rates in the absence of a sponsor-approved rate.

MIT/Department of _____________


Budget Justification for Cost Proposal


Name (1)


Budgeted Person Months


Principal Investigator   

0.15 summer months (2)


Post-doctoral Associate(s): One post-doctoral associate is budgeted for three calendar months in years 1 through 3. The post-doc will be responsible for__________________.

[Program Manager/Instructor/Project Coordinator/etc]: One __________ will devote 12 months to this project in Yr 1 and 6 months in Yr 2. The ____________ will [assist the PI with activites on this project.

Annual inflation is budgeted at 3% for all salaries.


Employee ( 3 ) Benefits (EB) are charged as direct costs and include Employee Benefits (EB). Fringe rates are set by MIT at the current negotiated rates for budgeting purposes: (FY23 rates: on-campus EB 22.7%; off-campus EB 20.7%). MIT charges actual rates to awards. EB is applied to total salary expenses, excluding students; VA is applied to total salary expenses, excluding faculty and students.


Equipment: Funds are requested for the following equipment in year 1 of the budget:

  • $XXXX for a ______ for the purpose of _________.

Domestic Travel: Funds are requested for the [PI, Co-I, or RA] to attend one domestic conference per year of this project (for example, to the [Name of annual conference]) to present research results. The PI intends to take approximately [X] domestic trips per year and support students for X trips per year.

International Travel:  Funds are requested for the [PI, Co-I, or RA] to travel to collaborate with colleagues.  The PI intends to take approximately [X] international trips per year and support students for X trips per year. Travel is anticipated to the following international destinations, but may be subject to change: ___________. 

Materials and Supplies: are budgeted at $______yr in Y3, and $_____ in Year 4. The money will be spent on ________________________. ( 4 )[Due to the fundamental research nature of the project, materials costs are estimated based on the PI’s knowledge of prior projects of similar scope, and no further breakdown of materials is available.]

Subawards: ________ [Institution/University] will be a subawardee under this project. The costs associated for the subaward are $________ for the period of ____ through _____. The subawardee will be responsible for __________________________________.


5 ) In accordance with MIT’s negotiated rate agreement with the Office of Naval Research the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate for FY23-24 is 59.0% on-campus and  is 6.2% off-campus on a Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC) basis. MTDC includes total direct costs exclusive of graduate research assistants’ tuition, capital equipment, participant support costs, and that portion of sub-award agreements over $25,000. The FY23-24 rate is also used in budgeting subsequent years. See the Rates pages.