Submitting an SAB Change Request

If a change to the Sponsor-Approved Budget (SAB) is needed, a new budget should be forwarded to RAS using the Kuali Coeus (KC) Proposal Development module. The proposal type depends on whether or not additional funds are being requested from the Sponsor. 

Progress Report Proposals: Change to budget, no change/reduction in overall funding level

If the overall funding level will not be changed, the request should be routed to RAS for review as a “Progress Report” proposal. This may include a post-award revised budget requested by the Sponsor or may be a request for prior approval initiated by the PI.

RAS recommends copying the proposal budget from the most recent development proposal submitted to the sponsor, and making the changes required to the appropriate budget periods. If preferred, you can start with a blank proposal. The amount budgeted should match the final award.

Supplement Proposals: Additional Funding

If requesting additional funding, the request should be routed to RAS for review as a “Supplement” proposal. 

If you are simply adding to the existing budget, it’s only necessary to provide a budget for the new funds.  If revising the existing SAB as well as asking for additional funds, provide a budget for the entire amount including the requested supplement.

In general, requests for changes to the SAB should be submitted in the same budget format as the original proposal.  Some Sponsors (e.g. NSF) may have specific requirements or forms for such requests. Check the award terms, and consult your RAS representative if you are unsure.