Working With the Sponsor Approved Budget (SAB)

Award Budget in SAP vs Kuali Coeus (KC)

In SAP, the Budget Column shows cumulative totals for each budget category.  To view the SAB broken down by budget period, you will need to view it in the Award Budget Module in KC. Note that several budget versions may be attached to an award in KC. The most recently “Posted” version is the one that will feed to SAP. See All About Awards for more detailed instructions on navigating KC award records.

Managing Expenses to the SAB

Your actual expenses may not correspond to the General Ledger (G/L) categories shown in the SAB. Some G/Ls in the SAB are for budget purposes only and cannot be used for expenses. Others may be general catch-all categories. You should continue to spend and classify charges by assigning them to the most appropriate G/L. 

For more detail about the appropriate use of G/Ls to classify expenses, see the VPF website or the MIT Learning Center (MIT login required) for the course “Fundamentals of Financial Management.”

Making Changes to the SAB

Note that any changes to the SAB must be submitted to and approved by the Sponsor. Check the “Prior Approval” terms in the award to determine the spending flexibility allowed by the Sponsor on a specific award. If changes to the SAB are needed, see Submitting an SAB Change Request.